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New Broken China Jewelry
Amber Floral China Necklace
Antique porcelain broken china jewelry necklace, 1" by 1 & 1/4" with silverplated 27" chain accented with Swarovski crystals. One of a kind! 
Arrives gift boxed 
Art Deco Floral China Necklace
Antique Art Deco broken china jewelry necklace, unique triangular  2" by 1 & 1/4" with silverplated 23" chain. One of a kind! 
Arrives gift boxed      
What's New

It's SO great to be selling my jewelry on this website again! It's been years since I offered my work for sale directly from me, here, in this space, and I'm so excited to be doing it again! Be sure to check back and see what's new, as I will be sharing my brand new designs here first so that you can have the first chance at it! I hope you all are having a great 2019 and here's to a great year for all of us!