My name is Laura Beth Love and I design jewelry.

My designs incorporate a variety of unique and unusual salvaged materials.

I am most known for my jewelry made from broken vintage china. My jewelry is recognizable by my signature style of silver soldering and beaded solder details, a technique which takes years to master. All of the china that I use for this jewelry is previously damaged, either from age, use, or both. My broken china jewelry can be found on this website and also at

Much of the time I spend in my studio is spent experimenting with new techniques and materials. I try to look at ordinary things in new ways, and ask myself how a certain material could be turned into something completely different and new, yet still be recognizable as its original form.

I am a self taught artist. I believe that this offers me a realm of creativity that has no boundaries. After all, necessity is the mother of invention! I develop new techniques through good old trial and error, and often during this process wonderful things happen. 

I choose to work with old salvaged materials due to the personal and emotional connections that people have with these objects. 
I revel in their history. 

I love to help people learn how to foster their creativity, and my goal is to inspire others to live creative lives.  

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